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Belly dump trailers, also referred to as bottom dump trailers, can haul all your loose materials. When unloading your materials, this trailer will complete the job smoothly and efficiently.


Due to the unloading of materials at the bottom of the trailer, the driver will be able to spread the load over a large area in a safe manner. You can trust the task will be completed. JCV understands your loading and unloading needs.  


Unloading for large areas made easy

Helpful facts

•   Bottom dump trailers are used extensively with construction

•   Bottom dump trailers have the ability to scatter material over a wide area

•   Bottom dump trailers are generally very heavy and many have 3 axles

•   Effective for large lot use

•   Low dumping point makes the trailer very safe, and it is rare to tip over

•   Most are made of steel, and are generally 24' to 45' long and 96" to 102" wide

•   Generally used to haul:


         Road Base  

         RE Ground asphalt

         Other loose material


At JCV Sales, we also carry End dumps and Side dumps which are also beneficial for your loading and unloading needs.  

Let us unload your heavy loads


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