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Dump and level with One Pass-Unmatched overall strength.  The industrial design of LEON Land Scrapers allows them to take on heavy usage work trouble-free! LEON's heavy-duty frame and body construction guarantee top rate performance season after season. Use Leon Land Scrapers to landscape, build roads or dikes, bury stones and much more!


These mighty scrapers will turn any unusable acreage into profit-producing farm land quickly and efficiently. Every Leon Land Scraper comes with the features and functions that make the job as easy as it is thorough.

Taking on heavy usage work with no trouble

Leon Land Scrapers


LEON Front Hydraulic Push Ejection System

One machine - a LEON Land Scraper can do it all. LEON Land Scrapers put an end to the troublesome problems of “dump type” scrapers, even when handling wet or sticky material. The industrial strength push-off cylinders are designed to work with the high hydraulic pressure of today’s tractors. The rear push-off cylinders allow materials to be ejected and leveled all in one economical pass.


Hydraulic Control

Experience Precision and Control. Fully-synchronized hydraulics give the operator full control over depth, front ejection dumping, and leveling. You have all of this precision from the comfort of your tractor seat. Included standard are steel-plated hydraulic lines with JIC fittings.


LEON’s Three Piece Replaceable Cutting Edge

Every LEON Land Scraper features a 3-piece replaceable cutting edge with center frost blade. This high performance, long lasting blade slices into hard packed soil allowing layers of dirt to thrust upward into the bucket. The cutting depth is hydraulically controlled.  Width of cut:  M650 has 80″(2.03m), M1000 has 85″ (2.16m) and M1700 has 102″ (2.59) LEON’s Ball Steering = Smooth Sailing. LEON Land Scrapers feature heavy duty ball steering control. This unrestricted movement permits easier steering control even in tough, hard working or hard pulling conditions. Conventional steering mechanisms have serious limitations on range of movement that restrict their performance.


LEON’s Bucket Capacity

Big jobs get cut down to size in no time. With the versatility of three separate sized LEON Land Scrapers, we can tailor the unit to fit the operation. The M650 has a capacity of 6.51 cubic yards. The M1000 has a capacity of 10.12 cubic yards and the M1700 has the largest capacity of 17.00 cubic yards.


LEON Ball Steering

LEON Land Scrapers feature heavy-duty ball type steering control. Conventional steering mechanisms are restricted in their movement. Ball steering permits unrestricted easy steering control even in tough, hard-working or pulling conditions.


More standard LEON’s Land Scraper features include Park Stand Jacks, Replaceable Pivot Bushings, and Transport Safety Chain Loops.



60-day warranty on all used tires.

1-year warranty for private use

90-day warranty for commercial use.

Machine will not be supplied without tires.


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