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Side trailers are used in many industries and are very versatile. The driver can either dump all the loaded material in one pile, or move the trailer while dumping and spread the materials over a wider area.


Besides the ability to pile up or scatter materials, they are also very difficult to tip over. Give us a call today at 701-361-6543 and let us help you decide which trailer is right for your job. If you are not sure what you need JCV can assist you today.

Side dumps can handle it all

Helpful facts

•   Side dump trailers have the ability to pile up or scatter materials

•   Side dump trailers tilt to one side and the material is "dumped"

•   Generally made of steel, and are between 40' to 51' long and 96" and 102" wide

•   Generally used to haul:


          Road Base

          Reground asphalt

          Scrap Steel




          Other loose materials


At JCV Sales, we also carry End dumps and Belly dumps (also known as bottom dump trailers) which are also beneficial for your loading and unloading needs.

Easy tilt from side to side


JCV's trailers are well maintained and serviced